Be careful of any misstep that doesn’t help to achieve balance

I’m noticing a change in how our staff, parents, and students may be feeling.  The colder weather, starting to stay inside more, growing weary of wearing a mask, and feeling isolated are all things that might be contributing to how people may respond to situations and interactions.  It’s days like this that reminds me of the quote:

“They are giving you a hard time; they are having a hard time.”

Unfortunately, sometimes we receive the brunt of frustration, anxiety, or anger.  And, it’s not fair, but it is part of being an educator – when they go low, you have to stay high.

We have to rise above and reframe the conversation or interaction.  Regardless of the issue, we are always with an opportunity to build relationships –

  • Are you looking past the words and tone to discover the root cause of fear, anxiety, or something else?
  • Are you tempering your voice and nonverbal body language during every interaction?
  • Are we leaving the conversation in a place that allows for people to see that?

In these trying times, give yourself the permission to “be curious, not furious”.

It definitely takes more time, but it is well worth the investment. We also need to get better at taking care of ourselves.  I find myself with misguided thinking that binge watching TV will make it better (although there is something to be said about taking some time to indulge). 

To truly be effective, we need to build in practices, not just on the weekends, to reframe, reflect, and prepare.  

I find myself saying, “I can’t wait for COVID to be over to begin living life again”.

That cannot be our goal. 

While we need to limit public gatherings or do the things we used to do, think through ideas that might create new traditions. I’ve found myself becoming more of an electrician in home repairs, playing card games with the family, and trying new recipes to cook.  All ways to seek joy, laughter, and balance.  Balance doesn’t come by accident – you must seek it.

So, what are you doing to take care of yourself and find balance? Please leave a comment to share ideas with me and others!


  1. I love the hybrid term “me-quilibrium”. It is the name of a company (website listed below) but also the approach taken when you are focusing on helping to build resilience for others as well as ourselves.

    “Me-quilibrium is when resilience is learned and refined and allows us to face change head-on and come out in a better place.”

    I do this through storytelling. They are true stories that start with me changing myself first.

    All of us have those stories that, when shared, can show that change can be hard but that we are willing to go first – or at least be willing to travel with others.

  2. With three sons “colleging” from home, and a daughter in hybrid mode for 7th grade, there have certainly been some growing pains at times. But, there have also been so many wonderful moments like family meals and evenings spent together that wouldn’t have happened except in this unique circumstance of COVID.
    I’m thankful for reality, in the midst of so much uncertainty, disruption, and loss.

    1. Abby – thanks for sharing! I am definitely in a place and mindset to pause and make sure I balance the “loss” with things I get from all of this. It helps when I seek the joy.

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