About Me

Neil_GuptaAfter graduating from Miami University, Neil Gupta began his teaching career at Ashland High School, Ohio.  While teaching math, he obtained a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Ashland University and then pursued a doctoral degree from Ashland University in Educational Leadership.  While in Ashland City Schools, Gupta worked as an Assistant Principal at Ashland High School and the Director of Secondary Curriculum for Ashland City Schools.

Neil continued his leadership journey as the Director of Teaching and Learning at New Albany School District and later the Director of Assessment and Programming.

Afterwards, Dr. Gupta was hired to serve as the Director of Secondary Education for Worthington Schools.  In Worthington, Dr. Gupta oversees the middle school and high school programs and leads the academic and safety work along with the building principals and district leaders.  He is fortunate to serve in a district with a vision and focus “to empower a community of learners who change the world”.

Neil has presented at the state, national, and international level in the areas of leadership, assessments, and coaching.  Dr. Gupta has a passion for administrative leadership, coaching teams, and working with teams using effective strategies and tools, such as design thinking and organizational management for positive change.

Dr. Gupta believes in giving back to his community and colleagues.  Neil serves as President on the Board of Directors for ASCD.  With a fondness for his alma mater, he also sits on the Board of Trustees for Ashland University.  At the local level, Dr. Gupta serves on the Board of Directors as the President for the Worthington Resource Pantry.  Gupta is a member of ASCD, National Association of Secondary School Principals, and the Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators.

Neil resides in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife Kari and two boys, Keegan and Jaiden.  He enjoys reading, writing, and travel.


  1. I have found no greater joy in my life than being an educator for the past 20 years. I spent the first 10 years as a high school language arts teachers and the last 10 as a principal. The latter has given purpose an meaning to what was once a lost soul. It is great to see a fellow Indian pioneer our journey in the field of education. Continue to empower and inspire.

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