Changing the World Through the 3 C’s: Collaborate, Connect, and Coffee!

IMG_4615 2.JPGThere’s nothing better than breakfast meetings in the summer! I get excited at the chance in meeting with colleagues over a cup of coffee and dialogue to brainstorm ways to better support our students and staff in the upcoming school year.


As part of our summer work, I have been been holding “check-in” meetings with our principals to reflect on our academic continuous improvement plans.  As the new principal at Worthington Kilbourne High School, Mr. Aric Thomas has been working to deeply understand the great work that has been done in the past and how to best continue leading the work in the future.  Talking with him during breakfast gave us both a chance to brainstorm plans for the upcoming year as well as get to know each other more.  As we got up to leave, we realized we weren’t alone!
IMG_4610 2.JPGAt the next table, WKHS students were gathered.  As I introduced the students to their new Principal, we were also greeted by our McCord Middle School English Language Arts Teacher, Ms. Corna.  As we inquired what prompted the breakfast get-together, a sparkle twinkled in Ms. Corna’s eyes as she shared her love and desire to just meet up with her previous students.  The students smiled with great admiration for her!

IMG_4611 3.JPGBehind their table, we saw two more familiar faces, Mrs. Drake, Principal at Liberty Elementary School, and Mrs. Audette, Principal at Slate Hill Elementary.  They had the same idea of meeting together to brainstorm ideas in leading a more positive culture in their schools for the students and staff.  They shared about their summer reading and ideas to ensuring a conducive learning environment for everyone.

IMG_4613 3.JPGMr. Thomas and I couldn’t help but smile to look across the dining room to see two math teachers, Mr. Dosky and Mr. Hermiller, meeting to plan lessons and provide more support to students in math using technology.  They talked to us about the changing role of technology in mathematics at the college level, and they wanted to ensure they were providing the best instruction to prepare our students.

IMG_4614 2.JPG

Finally, on the way out the door, I stopped to talk with this student.  As a graduate of Miami University, I wanted to hear her story and what she was working on by herself.  After I introduced myself and asked if she went to Miami, she introduced herself as Alyssa, a student at Worthington Kilbourne High School.  Principal Thomas couldn’t help but laugh.  Alyssa explained to us that she was at breakfast to fuel up and find a place to study for a summer class she was taking.

Collaborate, Connect, and Coffee.  I’m so glad I took the extra time to look around and see the stories of our amazing staff and students working hard over the summer to continue our mission of empowering a community of learning who will change the world!

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