Thanks to our Amazing Assistant Principals in Worthington Schools

In addition to the amazing Principals I get to work with in Worthington Schools, I am also honored to collaborate and connect with phenomenal Assistant Principals as well.  Our Assistant Principals lead work in our schools, such as: the master schedule, local and state testing, staff development, assemblies, recognition events, duties, ceremonies, buildings and grounds, and staff evaluations.  And, while doing all of these important tasks, they do it while connecting with students, staff, parents, and community members!  Could you imagine what would happen if your Assistant Principal wasn’t there?

This week marks National Assistant Principals Week

April 4-8, 2022

To honor our Assistant Principals, please take time this week to join me in thanking them. Reflect in not only what they are doing but how they connect with others.  Think about all that happens when they arrive in the early morning to get prepared for the day and make it to cafeteria or hallway duty when students arrive.  And, see what time they leave at the end of the day after all the paperwork and emails are checked before going to cheer on the students at that sporting event or concert.


Because they provide so much throughout the school year, it’s important for district administrators, principals, and staff members to support them.  Here are 5 considerations to support our Assistant Principals:

  1. Support APs in Leading.  AP’s are always looking to lead initiatives.  Sometimes, APs are given tasks that are not always pleasant.  Consider giving them leadership opportunities in the school to help them feel even more ownership and get re-energized!
  2. Support APs in the Work.  AP’s are always looking to better understand the intricacies of the school.  In order to be more effective as a team, consider involving them in the building work, such as planning in the building improvement process, analyzing test scores and behavior supports, building the master schedule, or even understanding the facility or finance processes.
  3. Support APs in their Growth.  AP’s need time to get out of the building and learn with others to promote their growth.  Consider sending them to conferences or workshops and allow them to bring information back to share with the school community.
  4. Support APs in Taking Risks.  Due to the nature of their work, APs see things differently from students, teachers, and the Principal.  Consider encouraging them to share their ideas and then support them in taking risks by making changes to things they see around them.
  5. Support APs in Cultivating Positive Relationships.  In many situations, the AP serves as the primary disciplinarian.  This tends to create a lot of stress and burn-out.  Consider allowing them to lead a student group or even join a community group as the building representative.

I am blessed to work with great Assistant Principals who provide such great support to our schools with both academic and behavioral leadership!  Thank you to Emilie, Brett, Megan, Todd, Molly, Adrienne, Ken, Zach, Jeff, Erica, Tiena, Bill, and Josh!

I encourage you to share a shout-out to your AP in the comments section below with a note on why you appreciate them!

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