Showing Up Matters

Video from The Mentor House

Happy Last Day before Winter Break!

I’m sure today is filled with a lot of pivoting between celebrations, exams, student behaviors, teacher questions, and parent needs. We know that any change in schedule can alter how people act and react to situations that are abnormal. And, a lot of emotions can be expressed in unconventional ways.

I love the video above, because it expresses a lot of how people feel constantly. They just want to be seen by people that matter to them.

It also reminds us that “showing up matters”.

We sometimes get caught up in looking for the perfect gift or speech that will convey some profound meaning that expresses our heart, but often it’s just the mere fact of showing up that matters.

Thank you for showing up each day for our students and each other.

Thank you for helping them to be seen by your presence.

Thank you for putting smiles on the faces of others when they may be nervous, hurt, or angry.

Thank you for showing up.

Happy Holidays!

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